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The practical use of wave’s analise on finansial markets

Connecting all together

Lines, channels, Wave expansions Fibonachi - will allow to make a map for movement of the prices, to make assumptions of completeness of figures and figures, and at use of numbering of waves, to make probable scripts of movement of the market, and then and to determine the least risky points of ocurrence in the market. Moreover, the knowledge of aspirations of waves, will help to expose very precisely levels of protection against losses and fixings of profit. After development of tools of the analysis it is necessary to mark schedules under the scheme brought above in following sequence: W, D, H4, H1 with observance of color scale for everyone Time Frame

  • Full marking W
  • Full marking D
  • Full marking H4
  • Worker Н1 in a marking ready to work

The note:

1. It will important precisely be defined with working Time Frame. Working Time Frame is the period of time on which trading decisions make, levels Stop Loss, Take Profit are exposed. Naturally with observance of a condition of superposition of waves (i.e. Levels D are more reliable than Н1 etc.)

2. It is expedient to combine marking of different levels for specification of scripts.

3. On a site separate marking of schedules for presentation of long-term scripts are not brought, however, expediently to have separate marking on each period.

4. In order to prevent mess and everyone at own discretion defines a combination of a marking of different wave levels on one schedule.

5. On occassion it is expedient to exclude the intermediate time periods. So at work on Н1 (the working time-frame) intermediate period Н4 can not be marked, if a combination of marking Н1 and D it seems to more evident.


1. Full marking W
Полная разметка W


2. Full marking D

Расширение Фибоначчи волн 3,4


3. Full marking H4

Полная разметка H4


4. Worker Н1 in a marking ready to work

Рабочий H1  в готовой к работе разметке




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